Volunteer Day CaixaBank


CaixaBank Volunteer Association


23rd October 2021

Previous editions

2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019

Corporate events

Design, production and coordination of the CaixaBank Volunteer Association Volunteer Day. During the day there are different workshops for children, animation activities, dance master classes and musical performances.

Held simultaneously in 2015 at the Parc Central de Poblenou, in Barcelona, and in the Berlin Park, in Madrid.

Under the slogan ‘Share your soul’, in 2016, it was held simultaneously in the Túria Gardens of Valencia and Alamillo Park, in Seville.

In 2018, under the slogan “When I get older I want to become…”, it was held on May 19th in the park of Madrid Rio, and on May 26th, in the Port Vell of Barcelona.

On May 18th, 2019 at CosomoCaixa in Barcelona, Volunteer Day was “Much more than a day”.

And in 2021, simultaneously on October 23rd at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona and Madrid, in Tierno Galván Park, next to the Planetarium. The theme of the day was “The Blue Heart’s Party” and the activities have had themes related to reuse and sustainability.

Attendees: 800.